Teatro Europa is an alliance to promote international exchanges of young people working in theaters throughout Europe.

Teatro Europa enhances opportunities to gain cultural and professional experience in the early stages of a career. The project focuses on the craft and technical professions at the theatre.

Teatro Europa connects and supports theaters that want to become part of this program and alliance. We support with information, contacts and recommendations.


The aim is to increase the flexibility of opportunities in vocational education and training: in essence, to initiate, intensify and spread out transnational mobilities and European exchange programmes in vocational education and training with the involvement of company practice and trainees. Transnational networks and new opportunities for participation will significantly increase the European dimension among the target groups and the attractiveness of vocational education and training.


The project consists of five activities that follow on from each other and are interlinked: The cornerstone is the research (identification of problems and potentials) on which the conception builds. This serves as a blueprint for the development of the web platform, digital strategy and campaign. Special attention is paid to the implementation and integration of stakeholders and potential project partners into the project. The implementation connects the platform and the campaign.


Ways to make the VET more flexible and modern are identified. With the platform, a multifunctional, informative, digital instrument is created that significantly simplifies or enables transnational mobilities for companies and trainees. The campaign and the integration of the transnational partner network will activate the target groups to a large extent. The attractiveness and motivation for VET is significantly increased, as the target groups awareness of Europe.

Cooperating with (status quo)

Theater Winterthur
Wiener Burgtheater
Stuttgarter Staatstheater
Bregenzer Festspiele

Supported by (status quo)

live Performance sector – ver.di
PEARLE – Performing Arts Employers Associations League Europe
IGVW – Die Interessengemeinschaft Veranstaltungswirtschaft
Arbeiterkammer Österreich

Project consortium

Neumann und Ritter GbR
Akademie der Theater- & Event-Szene

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us or register for regular information from the consortium.

Konsortium Teatro Europa
Neumann und Ritter GbR